Health and Wellness

Chiropractic and Health and Wellness

At Family First Chiropractic, we focus on four phases of care.

  1. Initial Intensive Care: At the beginning of your care, you should expect to be seen frequently, as we do all we can to alleviate your discomfort. Experience has taught us that only when your pain is gone will we be able to move into the second phase of care.
  2. Strengthening and Stabilization: We know that if we only eliminate your symptoms and fail to address the underlying cause of your problem, the likelihood of your problem returning remains great. The corrective phase of care takes time, so be patient with your body. The ligaments and tendons will be getting stronger during this time and your correction will become more stable and last longer. As your spine recovers it will misalign less frequently. The number of visits you will make to the office will depend entirely on how well your corrections hold or stabilize. Remember, you didn’t get this way overnight and healing takes time.
  3. Maximum Recovery: The longer your spine was misaligned, the longer it will take for you to recover. Complete recovery takes one month for each year that your spine was misaligned. Should you discontinue care, you will eventually return to your original condition, which will get worse over time. Continue care and you will continue to experience even more life and better health.
  4. Wellness Care: It is a lot easier to keep a person healthy than allow their health to gradually deteriorate and then attempt to correct the problem. For that reason, our office places great importance on your long term well-being. Regular spinal examinations are the best things you can do to make sure you don’t return to the way you were when you began your spinal care and to make sure that you stay well! When your spine is misaligned for more than thirty days it will begin return to the way it was before you began care.